Rethinking Finance: 2019 Q1 Update- and Happy New Year!

Quarter 1:  Happy New Year! This was our first real quarter at hitting up the ultimate goals of paying off the rest of my student loans, staying out of debt, and saving for the future.  With those three goals in mind, let’s see how we fared: Student Loans: What a fantastic first quarter.  We had […]


Rethinking Finance: Christmas Edition

As there are really no sacred cows when you are rethinking your finances, let’s take a look at a few ways to rethink the most expensive time of year: A change in mindset: As alluded to in the previous post, getting away from the consumerism and clutter of the season requires a change in thinking. […]

Making Christmas More Meaningful

Over the years, the “Holiday Season” had become more empty, stressful, and exhausting than it should be.  Couple that with the confusing messages this can send to your children about greed, materialism, and empty religiosity and it’s enough to make even the most devout turn into a Scrooge.  In an effort to fight this cultural tide […]

Why Estate Sales Creep Me Out

My wife and I can usually gauge the items in an estate sale from the driveway.  How was the house kept up?  What neighborhood is it in, and on what street?  What kind of car is in the driveway for sale?  It’s a bit like judging a book by its cover.  Once inside, you clamor […]