My favorite Gift: A paint swatch, a poker card, and a picture nail.

Walking up the stairs I heard the soft, gentle voice of my three-year-old daughter “Wait here Daddy, I have a gift for you.”  I sat down midflight with great expectation.  This was a new stage for my daughter, I had never seen her do this before.  I heard her rummaging around downstairs, and not too much longer she ambled up to where I was waiting and handed me a light pink envelope.  “What is this, Sisty?”  I carefully opened it as she giggled with joy.  I pulled out the contents one by one:

The first was a paint swatch.

The second was a playing card, the 10 of hearts.

The third a small picture nail.

She swelled with pride as I made the biggest deal I could at my new gains.  I had to hold back a few tears (it would scare and confuse her to see me cry at receiving her gift).  I carefully put each back into the envelope and with a big hug told her I would treasure this.  And I do.  It is the first gift she has ever given me.  It is also a further look into the sweet, giving, tender personality that is developing inside of her.    A big tender heart who loves to share time, experiences, and things.  It was one of those joys in parenting I never expected.

The envelope now resides in my sock drawer, and the memory in my heart forever.



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