Re-do: Don’t Edit Yourself

My wife was recalling a recent night out she had with a group of friends.  They were sharing about how open and honest they could be with each other, and how refreshing that was.

“I don’t feel like I have to edit myself,” my wife said.

“No!  Don’t ever edit yourself,” was her friends’ reply.

It was a refreshing encouragement.  In our world of the perfect selfie, the right décor, and the best Instagram shot it is easy to assume a false self.  To “edit” what you say to not reveal your true feelings and to betray the right image.  It can be easy, especially in churchy circles to put on a veneer of niceness and smiles. To edit the shot with the right Sephia overlay and get a certain look.

But to share in reality how you are feeling can take guts.

I am not saying don’t ever have a filter.  Don’t put your “pearls before swine” so to speak.  Use discernment if it is called for and don’t overshare if the situation does not call for it and the person isn’t safe.  But as a whole, do you need to make an attempt to be more open and vulnerable?  It is counter-cultural to do so.  I certainly do.  If those around you accept you for who you are- good days, bad days, sick days, happy days, sad days- you have deepened a friendship.  If they don’t, there really isn’t much of a friendship there anyway.

Don’t edit yourself. The world needs you in full color. There are enough Sephia toned people in the world.

This post first appeared on Rethink Redo Repair.


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